Bio-PolyTec is a €1million, two year, EU FP7 research project which launched in December 2013. It aims to progress the commercial availability of bioresorbable and drug-eluting medical implants such as tissue engineering scaffolds and orthopaedic fixation devices.
Bioresorbable devices are temporary implants, gradually breaking-down inside the body when they are no longer needed into simple molecules such as water and carbon dioxide - leaving no trace of the original device in the patient. Benefits for the patient include no need for a second operation to remove the device, better biocompatibility than traditional metallic devices  and due to the ability to add antibacterial or antibiotic drugs and to control the release rate at the implant site, such devices can reduce the number of post-operative complications and open up possibilities for new therapies.
However, despite having huge potential to improve patient outcomes whilst reducing healthcare costs, high manufacturing costs have so far hindered development and availability of bioresorbable medical implants.

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